Straight & Loving It


☆Not for highly sensitive Viewers

First of all, I want to apologize to you all for taking my time to write this post, been evaluating life and its goings and comings… Here goes, and enjoy the read…..

For the record, I would like to say I ain’t a sexist in any way, and just wanted to share this post for you gents and ladies; There are three main categories of sexes which you all know well, although there still might be more, but these are the main ones {as far as I know though}…..

1. Lesbian: They are humans (contrary to other beliefs) that prefer relationships with same sex (females), although I can’t say I for one has met any, but from hearsay and what I have seen (on tv of cos) about them is that they actually have little to nothing to do with the opposite sex, and I think that they actually live their lives to the fullest in their own ways. Lets leave this and move on since I have little experience in this area.

2. Gay / Fag: According to the dictionary, this is actually not a nice way to call them, but I haven’t found any other name, so here goes, they are also humans (contrary to religious beliefs), and also prefer relationships with same sex (Male Folk), I won’t talk about experiences I have had with these folks, but I seem to have more knowledge about this than the 1st, and formerly in a previous like I used to be irritated by them (sight, smell, behavior), until I had a rethink, I can say in this part of the world, most of them behave like women (its not all men that act like women that are gays), and there are others out there that behave and act like regular males but deep within they ain’t.

3. Straight: Now these are the regular folks that are very much accepted, in the sense that they have preference to the opposite sex in lots of ways than one, the amazing thing about being straight is that you can actually be friends or have things to do with both sexes and live your life in normalcy.

Although come to think of it, I don’t get what the first 2 sexes feel, but I “think”
it’s just that maybe they were somehow forced or rather persuaded into that life and they felt comfortable in it and chose to continue that way. I think I understand the marriage aspect of their being though, its much like the straight, like they want to be with their “best friend”
forever. Although different parts of the world has ills about the first 2 sexes, and some other parts embrace, acknowledge and encourage them, and there are some others (believe it or not) that are still quite ignorant of those 2 existing or I would rather put it like this, they don’t want to accept the fact that they exist. That’s why most parents that find out their kids are having those traits try as much as possible to force those children into the straight line, and they (the kids) sometimes end up being miserable at their adult stage or even in marriages.

I therefore urge parents that notice those traits in their children to try to understand the child and not try to force or coerce them into the straight line, but take them as they are and also be proud of them.

Therefore, I won’t say any of these fore-mentioned sexes is better than the other, but here is my take on the issue….. I AM STRAIGHT AND I LOVE BEING STRAIGHT.

Final Note: if I am wrong in any way, please feel free to leave your comment, and I will by no means delete/ edit your comment.



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