Random Thoughts, Random Words, Nothing New


Picture Taken From erimzy.wordpress.com

So it’s been a while I have been here (wasn’t counting though), been around but not been here. Let’s recap
Lost my Windows Phone to the cruelty of Nature (Namely: Rain), it was really crappy (not my phone duh!), because got a sanction from my “Sanctuary Boss” like the loss wasn’t enough…. ok, moving forward, got another phone, altbough it took a while, but got a good one, a Samsung and finally back on BBM, if u have been following my posts, u would know I was on BBM centuries ago, and now finally back, but it seems I have outgrown it, but I still want to be engrossed in it, but its been hard of late…. Moving forward, Having some battery issues with it and sorted advices but it seems I’ll just have to get a new battery for it 😦 ….. All in all Losses are a part of life and also Gains are also a part of life, we can’t seperate them both, u loose things, people, and so on and so forth, and also gain loved once and new things. What can we say but move on, cry for the loss and rejoice with the gain. Life moves on.


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