Butterfly Effect

“The end is only the beginning”…..
How is that phrase to you? Would you believe you could go back in time to correct some wrongs or make someone love you more than they do, well for me, sometimes, I wish I could go back to the pre-historic era, not the Dinosaurs era(Hell No), actually the Vampires Era (although people still say they exist) as an observer, just observing how they came to be because there are different stories about them, that I just wish I can go back to that era, but come to think of it, if I should go to that era, am I sure I won’t change things as they are now? Hmmmmm “A dangerous thought”, or rather alter the space-time continuum? Would that make this “current era” end to give birth to a new one? Hmmmmm, Now to come back to this era, would also love to go back to when I was born, to see all the happy and sad faces ( of cos there were sad faces, e.g my older ones, not being the only ones as kids 🙂 ), also would love to go back a few years to use what I have learned now in order to either wreck havoc like #WreckItRalph or repair like #MrFixIt well, in all, we all would love to just have a glimpse of the past or try to change it….. Hmmmmm but be careful not to cause a Butterfly Effect and alter what is good now :)…. Think it through



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