Letting Go

A NOTE BY A FRIEND…. Is it? Will it? Was it? Easy to let go?

With tears in my eyes, I remember sitting in a church service next to a man that I really wanted to marry and hearing the Lord say: “ Heather, he’s not it. I need you to let this go. If you don’t cut this relationship off—it will only get worse.” But, WHY God?! I did what I thought I knew to do. Yes, we fell.. over & over again. Yes, we disobeyed you. Yes, we had sex outside of marriage. It’s true that I don’t feel my best in this relationship but Lord, I really want him to be the one. I don’t want to start all over with anyone else new! I wanted to have all of his babies and work through lifes struggles. I have always had this “make it happen” attitude about life and I just knew that if I repented and did what I knew to do to make it right, maybe things could work. But I continued to hear this voice whisper to me in the midst of my rationalization. Let it go. So, we went to this little restaurant after church and I had this plastered smile on my face as I greeted people leaving church. They have no clue. They think that our relationship is perfect on paper and from what they can see, but deep in my spirit man, the Lord has made it so clear to me that he aint it, we’ve made each other idols & I am no longer serving the Jesus although I’m doing all of the church “things” like serving at church & attending. As we headed towards the restaurant, I made light talk, but deep down, these scriptures were ringing in my heart.

John 14:15
“If you love me, obey my commandments.

Exodus 34:14
You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you.

Isaiah 2:22
Don’t put your trust in mere humans. They are as frail as breath.

What good are they? If I really loved God, I would break things off because clearly, this relationship has turned from “excitement to pretend love to lust to dysfunction to idolatry.” How did this happen?

1. We refused to set boundaries & continued to play house.

2. Whenever God told me to not go over to his house or vice versa—I rationalized. I mean, he’s a good guy. He goes to church. He says he loves you Lord & I miss him…

3. Our purposes didn’t line up. But I was so desperate for a relationship that I was ignoring the obvious.

4. I had no peace. It was manufactured peace. I was trying to believe this lie that everything was ok but I knew deep down that it wasn’t right.

5. I wanted a man more than I wanted God’s presence. Thus, the relationship was dysfunctional.

So, we broke up that day at that restaurant. Was it hard? Umm. YES. I had to seriously guard my heart. I purposed to NOT to hang out in groups with him anymore. Not to entertain any texting, calling, or whatever else. You see, I had a pretty strong soul tie with him & if I didn’t let God rip that crap out of me, I would have gone back or became depressed. With my emotions totally raging, I told God that I needed help. That I needed Him. That I needed change. That I was sick and tired of being sick & tired. That I needed wholeness. That I needed peace. I would pull scriptures about my worry, discontentment & fear and I would STARE at them for HOURS. I would fast from social media and fight back those negative thoughts that were contrary to Gods word. You see, God will heal you.

He will absolutely do His part. But how can God heal you if you don’t let Him? How can God heal you when you keep surrounding yourself around that person? I understand if you have a child by him– so deal with him concerning your child & nothing else– but you know what I mean. You may just go over to his house.. one more time.. text, one more time.. this or that.. one more time. Babygirl, don’t tell yourself that lie, you are only making it HARDER for yourself to really let go.

But… if God is telling you to let go of a bad relationship, a friend, or whatever else—know that He is protecting you. There’s been a fork in the road and that person isn’t going where you are going. After God removes people, you may go through what seems like a really quiet, dry season.

During this season, God is preparing you and those people that used to be in your life weren’t qualified to continued life with you. So, let Him lead you. I know it’s hard but what other option do we have? Let not make any more excuses of “easier said than done.” Lets instead say, God I trust you. Lord, I need you. Lord, help me. Lord, I’m lonely. Lord, make me whole. Lord, break my heart until it breathes your heart. God, help me.

God loves you like crazy,
By Heather Lindsey


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