Valentine’s Feast

This is from one of my Daddy’s
Hope u guys see what I have seen.

St. Valentine is the name given to three different martyrs whose feast falls on Feb. 14. One legend has it that the first St. Valentine was a Roman priest who went against an emperor’s order that outlawed marriage for young men so they could be better soldiers.
When he continued to perform marriages in secret, his actions were soon found out and he was sentenced to death. Before his death, the imprisoned Valentine sent the first valentine greeting to the jailor’s daughter and signed the letter “from your Valentine.” He was beheaded and buried in a cemetery named for him.
The second was another Roman bishop who was beheaded and the third was a little-known martyr in Africa. The only thing our modern day Valentine’s Day has in common with the lives of the saints is the feast day.

Like many other things in both ancient and modern times, the essence of Valentine has been twisted, battered, and corrupted. Husbands use the day to remember their wives – once in a year, while wives look forward to ‘behaving well’ on that day only. Other wives and husbands sadly turn to strange men and strange women. For many of the younger unmarried fellows, it is a day of deceit, of pretense and infatuation. Many seeds are planted that would yield thorns, thistles and tears.

And as years give birth to decades and decades to centuries, the corruption of the day of sacrifice, of service and of responsibility have become even more poignant, putrefying and delectable.

I Cor. 7: 31 put it succinctly.
‘And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away’

There are definitely normal use and abnormal use of every item, of time and of opportunities. When the right or normal use is not carefully and jealously preserved, it is abuse that benefits. When abuse is regular and longstanding, normal use fades and soon it is forgotten by a generation that has not known nor has been made familiar with the normal use. This is the situation with the ‘Valentine feast’ that has now become reduced to red and white colours, to roses, cards, chocolates, candies and timeouts that all expire within 24 hours. I opine that if love is truly sincere, it ought not be seasonal, pustule and clandestine.

Many in this generation do not understand the concept of love beyond male/female, boy/girl, man/woman (hopefully), relationships. The mention of the word ‘love’ to many today evokes only sensuous, erotic feeling either appropriately of otherwise. It has little or no bearing to sacrifice, to dedication, to service, to commitment to sharing (with strangers and the needy), to responsibilities to civic duties, etc. These were the very things the legendary Valentines stood for and not often irresponsibilities dressed on February 14 in red and white garbs.

Before you act irresponsibly, inappropriately and indiscreetly this February 14, remember that regrets await those who are so exercised. My prayer for you is that you will not be like the proverbial dog that will fail to hear the whistle of his master. God bless you.


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