Change people say is the only constant K in life, people also say without change man isn’t complete, although that’s a fact because for a man or any human, change is shown from An Infant-Toddler-Teenager-Youth-Young Man/Lady-Grown Man/Woman-Middle Aged- Old, and with each of those stages comes different wants and desires, hopes and aims, dreams and aspirations, and also with each of those stages comes regrets(Not everytime though), the reason why there are regrets, are because they feel there is something they missed in the previous stage or they didn’t live it to the fullest or they are facing a difficult time in the current stage that they wish they can “turn back the hands of time” but my dear, that ain’t possible. There is another TRUTH about change that some people deny, that basic TRUTH is that some people Hate change, why I said that is because some people just want things to remain as they are (for Col are u The most High? Although when He came, He changed alot of things), that’s possible if you are just a “Lazy Soul” , but if you ain’t then embrace change whole heartedly not half or quarter… Change is needed in every situation in life, As a mathematician, if there are no new formulas there can’t be new solutions, As a Programmer, if there are no errors there can’t be new versions of Applications, As a Doctor, if there are no new illnesses, there can’t be new discoveries of drugs or rather cure, As an engineer, if there are no faults, there can’t be new improvements… So according to all these facts and reasons, this proves that in every work of life, Change is Needed… Now to come down to Religion, Change is very important, take for example in the “Way of Life of the Christians” taken from the Bible, if there was no Genesis, there can’t be a Revelation, without a Beginning, there can be No End… To cut the long story abrupt, Change is Life. Without Change, there is no Life… Step By Step is what change is about.


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