Love, what is love to every individual? Its different for some people, is love a feeling, an expressed emotion, a conditioned action, or a specific decision? To me, love is lots of things and I have falling into that cage, and out of it, does love diminish or increase with each experience? Questions and questions is all I have, in all the experiences I have had I can’t rightly say I have had a feeling like those in any novel that “we” read, wherein the girl falls head over heels for the boy and the boy will move heaven and earth just to make the girl smile, although for me, I have done my share of moving things about, and I feel there has never been or will there ever be any man that can do all I have done(Not being proud in anyway), testimonies has proven that….

What we call love can also be just a crush and like my twinee has said in her blog A crush lasts 4 months( we should wait it out to find out if its a crush or really love, I have had crushes that I did nothing about, and some that I didn’t notice on time, also some that I told the other party outright… Just dawning on me to get serious with my feelings or emotions, the world they say waits for no man, so either I go out there and keep being in that cage or stay in doors and own a steel door with multi locks, if I dare stay on the fence …………


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