Eventless Day

Couldn’t sleep at all through the night(Didn’t get a broken heart and wasn’t thinking of anything), just couldn’t sleep, watched movies on my phone, though that was not the course for me not sleeping, then around past 5am(Not Precise) It was as if I was drugged because I couldn’t concentrate on anything, tried to close my eyes, will still open it and look around, and the funny thing was that I now became an alarm clock(Just like a Nokia phone that tells u what the time is), my pitiable life, when finally sleep came, it was past 6am, still not precise with the time and I slept and woke up time and time again, then when I finally slept for a long while, more than 5 mins, I woke up at about 11am.

Chatted for a while on both whatsapp and BBM, had a nice time chatting with a Special Friend of mine, also got confused a bit but sorted it all out, then when it was like past 3pm, I went to clear the dishes from the sink (not 1/2), then had a bath when I was done with that.

When it was about past 5pm, went to see my FRIEND and just didn’t want to leave, but had to because a vigil was calling my attention in the sanctuary (was actually having triple mind on why I shouldn’t be at the vigil) all to no avail, couldn’t find a genuine reason 😦 poor me… So as the vigil proceeded, we did all we were meant to do and everyone began taking sleeping positions, except I and a few members, then I sat alone not thinking, but rather missing(can’t recollect what I was missing) but I know it was someone important. And now sitting alone but not in a dark corner, infact its very much lighted.


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