Church Teachings

It sometimes makes me wonder how and why teachings are made, is it based on what happens in the church or the preacher’s life/ experience or is it what they see happening in their environment that they get ideas from or is it really from God the creator of heaven and earth? From what happens in worship centers nowadays, it seems holiness and sanctity has been striped from them, although the old ways are archaic, its still preferable… Its not that I personally would like that, but it seems that’s what worship centers need, and also people should try as much as possible to start from their home before bringing whatever it is to the church (Not calling names) like its said “Charity begins at home”… I personally liked what I heard today during a workers meeting, people were kind of complaining about other people and their dressings, and a man of God stood up and said that people shouldn’t do that, that this is the house of God and people should come in as they are, not that they will have double personalities (I understand that I am moving from one to another topic) but to say the truth, it baffles me what goes on in the worship centres. What do u think?


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