Blast From The Past

“Another Day”
The day started with me pinging(As usual), but i slept very late cos i was pinging in fact, since i got a new phone, i have been sleeping quite late which might not be too good for my health(who cares)!! Anyways i slept around 4:35am(not precise though, who cares about time when u are having fun??), and woke up 8:45am(again not precise, and that has become an habit for a while, 4 hours or approximately 5 hours per day), i seriously need to change that routine!! Then woke up to stomach ache(aching for the toilet), had to wait more than 10mins cos a roommate of mine was in the Phong Ve sinh(Bathroom, the pleasure of having roommates)… And finally the time came for me to accomplish all goals, but never the less, went in there with my phone!! Let’s go back a bit to Yester night, I chatted with a few friends on BBM and Whatsapp(its a messaging application), but a funny thing happened, I COULD NOT PING(Imagine that), i was beyond sad(as in, i was already crying inside), i looked for ways and the kind of thoughts that were going through my head were *But i have subscribed now or do they want to scam me*, i even went to ask a friend who uses  as well, if his was working and ωε checked, but to my utmost surprise, it wasn’t working as well (in my mind, i was glad but facially i had my poker face on), so i went back to my room to result to other kinds of apps, i went to whatsapp and used twitter to pass out my message, i also used Opera to access facebook!!(Imagine that) so i tried until i started pinging(Halleluya), but not to my liking, cos it was taking forever to send and receive!! So i just chilled a while and to God be the glory it started sending and receiving on time!! Then another thing happened that spoiled my night completely, my twinee(Erhime) was annoyed with me, her and her sis(which i am liking) were both annoyed with me cos of i said something, and Efe(my twinee’s sis) misinterpreted it!! And that fueled both their anger, even though i pleaded by calling them but they didn’t budge at all!! And that made me sad!! Anyways to come back to the present, i didn’t finish the do able until another roommate said he had to use the Phong Ve sinh, so i hurried and left, and lay on my bed, and continued pinging, but there were not much people available to chat with, then when finally my twinee finally woke up, she didn’t really talk so i continued with other people, using Twitter(Ubersocial) and added(followed) some people(girls not guys, for crying out loud i ain’t gay), and was tweeting and Re-twEeting, and finally i was alone in the room, Bored as the desert, and i was wishing and hoping that a vietnamese friend (which is a girl) could come to my room!! But unfortunately she said she couldn’t come, so i went down to meet with her, and we discussed, laughed, till another friend came and took a coursemate of mine to the hospital, and i went back to discussing with her, so we talked till when she was ready to go home, then i came back to my BORING room and laid on my bed again!!!


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